If you could help me out…

Hello Tumblrs!

This semester has taken a huge toll on me, which is why I haven’t really been on. One of the classes I’m taking is Introduction to Anthropology, and as a major part of my grade I am supposed to indulge myself in a culture or subculture of interest - I chose Cosplay Culture. 

I have already collected several primary articles about Cosplay culture, and my main thesis in my paper is to show how cosplay culture has successfully diffused across the world but North American cosplay culture has cultivated it in the way that makes it different than other cosplay cultures around the world. 

Now comes Project III, where I am to interview and partake in the culture. I have already attended conventions, but I need cosplayers to interview!
If you would be so kind to answer a couple of questions - that would be great! Please, if you are willing, please put a way I can contact you in my ask box.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, if you know ANYBODY that is a cosplayer and wouldn’t mind talking about it, please send them my way!

I appreciate this a lot. Thanks <3


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